Cosmic Connections

Rebeca bibas

Cosmic Connections


DEC 1-7|2014

​The world today is marked by chaos. Technology dominates and dictates our lives; from who we socialize with to what restaurants we eat at. Our personal connection to the universe and the core values that got the human species to where we are today have seemed to disappear. I would be lying if I claimed that the chaos by which we are embroiled has not entrapped me; unfortunately it has. This entrapment created my artistic side, my journey began not as a means to make money or fame, but simply as a means to escape the chaos. Painting has captured me on visceral levels, it has allowed me to relax while simultaneously cultivated a new spiritual soul.

​The recurrent motif of flora throughout my work is not meant to establish a factual connection with the universe but instead supposed to create a sense of emotion that leads to that connection. For me the sight of flowers instantly relaxes me. I feel serene and calm no matter the circumstance. The multitude of colors, smells, and shapes all combine to create a highly spiritualistic ambiance. Specifically the color violet brings about a sense of tranquility and a connection to the cosmos.  My life is surrounded by flowers, whether they are there physically or spiritually present the feeling I get is constant. Time slows down for me, but the people around me do not. The pandemonium which the universe has created is ever present in our lives. My quick brush strokes and erratic splatter represents the inescapability of this chaos. When juxtaposed with the serenity of the flower my feelings are presented to the viewers. I am just another person trying to find serenity among all the chaos.